27 August 2019

TNT: Pest Control 1

During the summer break I got a few good games of TNT played with old friend. People who haven't tried the game before and haven't played miniature games in years. System is really quick to show people and we got great games still.

First game played was the Pest Control scenario from the core book. The battle was between

S.t.a.l.k.e.r.s: New warband, lots of gun, few melee, no relics from the start.

Peace Keepers: A few games of experience, but have had loses - so are pretty much at ground zero still.

A local watering hole have been overrun by rad zombies and irradiator zombies. A vast network of old sewers have been infested. The local population have been run off and is paying for anyone willing to clean the area.

Drone video from the setup of the game. All terrain featured have articles here.

Both warbands set up for a quick clean up. Get in, shoot down all the zombies and blow their nests into pieces. Should be pretty straight forward as long as the spawn rate didn't become too high.

There was a few zombies placed a each of the four spawn points from the start og the scenario.

The residents didn't even have time to close up the bar properly before evacuating the area.

Entrance to the Water Bar. The name suddently seems quite fitting.

Knowing that time would only bring more zombies onto the board, both teams rushed forward towards the bar. No time getting in postion, setting up good firing lines. Fire and maneuver.

Stalkers moving towards the bar staying in cover between some old junk piles.

The main group of stalkers getting in close. Staying in tight formation to not get swarmed in melee by zombies.

Both group failed in bringing down enough zombies in turn one. Both teams hit them allright but simply couldn't bring them down.

Even though Irradiators (tough zombies) only come on a 1 in 6 chance, the started coming. And we kept rolling large amounts of zombies and irradiators through the game.

Having a few sacrificial lambs on the peace keeper team, this became their lot from the start. All out speed, trying to get in and kill off zombies. Shooters moving in behind them. ... they just couldn't kill the zombies.

The large group of stalkers weren't doing much better. More zombies were getting to the group than they were able to kill off.

More freaking irradiator zombies popping out from the sewers.

My team of peace keepers got in trouble as well. Despite having multible guns, they just didn't die and soon my scout was getting swarmed.

It's a tough situation when the living fall as quickly as the dead.

I decided to send this sacrificial lamb on a suicide mission. Get to the nest and blow it up (along with himself).

Through out the game we constantly rolled above average numbers of walkers to enter the table.

Never ending swarm!

Not even the highly explosion prisoner managed to take down many zombies or the nest itself. After this point in the game both teams tried to escape with whatever they had left. Get off the board before the zombies captured us.

Here's a fly over from the end of the game. Lots of zombies on the board, very few stalkers or peace keepers left. 

This was a very nice game and it was exciting through it all. With a bit more experience (or bigger) warbands and with better luck with the zombies, we could have cleaned the board. Not this time however - that bar is lost.

The stalkers did get an amazing amount of loot from the game however. They found a plasma gun for their leader, a minigun for the up-armed soldier and enough money to by a new elite trooper. 

My own peace keepers didn't find quite as much loot, but in the end they were able to afford a tactical with a light machine gun - so happy days!