4 August 2019

Ghost Archipelago: Spirits

Adding more stuff to the Ghost Archipelago bestiary - this time showing the various spirits from the core rulebook.

Island Shade
A dinosaur skeleton toy. I bought a box of various dinosaur skeletons, most will be used for scatter terrain. Just gave this little a goblin green base coat, green wash from army painter and drybrushed him with a fluorescent green from Vallejo. 

Spirit Warrior
The spirit warrior is described as human form with animal features. Thee body is a Lord of the Rings ghost, that I got for free from a buy-take-resell auction. He was already painted blue. I just added a skink head (from that same auction), painted that and added a blue wash to it all.

I really like the pose on this guy.

I got the greater cortiki from a Nickstarter campaign from Northstar. A nice metal model. The other is a tiny Baby Groot toy. Base coat brown, a few other base colors and then a quickshade layer. I added some greens to Groot to better make him look like a tree.

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