14 August 2019

TNT: Irradiator Zombies

Another bestiary entry for TNT - the Irradiator Zombies. These zombies are tougher than the regular Rad Zombies. And they have a mighty high chance of messing up your survivors.

I made six of these zombies for a specific scenario in mind. And I was happy to see five of them hit the table at the same time.

For these I've mixed Warlord Games zombies and Studio Miniature zombie bits. The barrels on each base are simply super glue lids. I put a lot of contact glue next to the barrels, for a nice goo effect.

The zombie skin was painted green and the entire models were given a layer of Quick Shade from Army Painter. After matt varnish, I painted the skin and clothes (next to skin) with a flourescent green from Vallejo. The slime on the base was painted with Nurgles Rot from GW.

And here's the entire zombie hoard. With both Irradiators and Rads. The tougher irradiators stand out nicely among the regular ones.

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