25 November 2019

Rangers of Shadow Deep: First Ranger and Warband

Finished my first band of warriors for Rangers of Shadow Deep. This was a nice warband to build and paint, good models from different places.

I plan of starting getting through RoSD in 2020, just need to finish a few bits for the first couple of scenarios.

My ranger have spend some of her starting points, to buy more soldiers for the warband - strength in numbers I think.

My ranger is Haelga (middle model). She's a ranger from the South of Alladore. She's been working as a city guard captain in a medium sized town. After the appereance of the Shadow Deep, she's left the rather boring position and started out as a ranger again.

I've painted the Star of Alladore on her breastplate. The bow and quiver is a bit added from the bit box. I used thin paper strips to make the strap for it - actually it's three small pieces, because here braid and arm was in the way.

Next up i Bertha, who worked as a rat catcher in the town Haelga was captain in. Bertha didn't much enjoy her work and really wanted to get out, so when a chance to enlist as a ranger companion arose, she took it.

The shield I've added to the model myself and the halberd is an addition as well.

Last is Wurt, a wood cutter by trade. His now drafted as a ranger recruit for the warband. As Wurt already knows his way around a forest, is fit and strong - he was a perfect candidate to maybe become a ranger.

All three models are from Dunkeldorf Miniatures by King Games.

Next up in the warband is a couple of city guard archers, Pine and Bee. These guys are used to sitting in a tower or watching a gate - an easy and comfortable job. They didn't get a choice, and watching a peaceful town gate is not going to cut it in a time of crises.

Both models are unconverted Oathmark humans from Northstar Military Figures.

From the region where Haelgo was born and raised comes a couple of warriors for her expedition. Sveinur and Holgir are both experienced soldiers from the kings army. Haelga knows both men from her earlier ranger days, before she joined the city guard.

After a bit of (mostly for the principle) haggling back and forth, Sverinur and Holgir joined her warband.

Last in the crew is Topper, a halfling chef, thief, tavern regular and occitional sling competition partioner. Topper is acutally in the crew an indentured servant to Haelga - looking at some bad prison time after a poor job. Looking to get back into the fresh air, he agreed to help Haelga with some lock picking - hopefully at not too much risk to his life.

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