4 November 2019

Terrain: Renedra Huts and obectives

Renedra is making really cheap hard plastic huts. They make different styles, but I've picked up the timber ones, as I thought them to have the best texture on the surface. The huts are so cheap and sturdy, that I didn't want to bother making scratch build ones. The roof can be taken off for indoor objective placement - but there's no detail on the inside. 

The paint job is a fast different brown base coats, with a quick drybrush and a heavy layers of Army Painter quick shade varnish.

I've chosen to glue my huts to some small bases, for a better a finish. Used some of my forest sprinkle mix on the outside, and added sand to the inside of the huts. 

I really hope Renedra bring out more dirt cheap kits like this, that would be awesome. And these small huts will be used for tribals in Ghost Archipelago, in Burrows and Badgers, Vanguard and Rangers of Shadowdeep. So many games to drop them into.

A small village ready for any classic fantasy setting.

As a small tribal jungle village in Ghost Archipelago.

And a small Mantic damsel in distress, captured by some brutal feral orcs. The orc slave heads is a nice kit from Admiralty Miniatures that fit well on Games Workshop savage orc (or whatever they're called these days).

This is the first part of the Mantic Terrain Crate kickstarter I've painted. Up until now it's only been sitting in a box. But I'm getting ready for soem solo fantasy games, so better get to work on it.

I think this bonfire, the 'witch' and the bonfire is actually from the Vanguard kickstarter, that also came with some very nice terrain crate pieces for objectives.

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