27 November 2019

Reality's Edge - Electronic Redundancy 1

Originally posted on Osprey Games blog

Finished my first game of Reality's Edge. It was a good game, happy that I knew the simpler TNT rules beforehand. The only thing really slowing down the game was remembering the different apps out Console Cowboys, shadow backers and a griefer avatar had. A very good choice would have been to make a quick reference card for the griefer avatar.

I'll try here to write up an AAR on our first game and how it went.

The crews
My first crew is an Enforcer show runner with a band og rag tag gangers. There's background info and bit lists on them here.

From left to right is: Console Cowboy 'Circuit', Sprawl Ronin 'Glitch', Enforcer 'Cliff', Gangers Hogger and Ina.

My opponent runs a team lead by a Masque, with a console cowboy, drone commander, sprawl ronin and a few gangers. Also shown with the gang is their apps. A Lemmy Iduro, a guardian angel (robotic monkey) and shadow backer.

The board is a 3'x3' setup with a lot of terrain made for the setting and some updated pieces of modern terrain. There's pretty much step-by-step blogs on all the pieces on the terrain hub. We didn't really have any specific theme in mind for this setup. So we just slapped on a lot of pieces and place 4 C.A.Ts around the board. We quickly figured out that the large crowds would have trouble moving about.

So we added a rules that the random movement of crowds would move vehicles forward on the roads.

Surveillance drone fly over
A quick little video showing off more details of the board, flying over the terrain.

The game
We played the Electronic Redundancy, a JOBOP for hacking and then controlling most terminals. For the scenario we had the lockdown hitch (all doors and windows locked), White ICE on all terminals and a Griefer Avatar doing trouble on the board.

My crew setup close, within the 9" motivate range of the showrunner Enforcer. My plan was pretty straight forward. Get my hacker to a nice covered terminal. Get the shadow backer to another with the remainder of the crew. Make sure the Street Ronin could chop down some enemies for their Big Media backers - get some more cash.

Unfortunately my showrunner could not seek and kill an enemy for his personal motivation as all the enemies were lower costed than himself.

 Opposite my enemies setup. We were both covered from each other before getting closer to the middle of the board, where a sort of open area was possible to enter. My opponent chose to split his gang in two, keeping both halves in cover.

We both chose to let our shadow backer remain stationary and use all available action points for weakening the White ICE guarding the C.A.T.s - and we were immediately surprised how much of a different that higher Firewall is going to make.

We had some trouble figuring out how the White Ice would be dangerous when they only attack hacking in contact with their C.A.T. - but after turn one we knew. They spend both their AP using buffing apps. We would get traces for attacking when and take damage if failing Slice attacks.

Here's my hacker 'Circuit' moving towards a White Ice - staying covered from any possible enemies.

One White ICE is the form of a protective knight in shining blue armor.

Moving towards the open center of the board with a lot of muscle. I want to seek a bloody confrontation for the extra REP it'll bring in for the crew.

Taking control of the center open area, trying to find some cover. The enemy is moving around on both sides of the red brick building in front of my guys. 

A bystander waiting for the bus. The crowds and bystanders turned out to be very cool - even when all the bullets started flying around. We really didn't see a lot of panic, even with a lot of gunfire.

My opponent was quick to get rid of the White ICE, breaking it with hard attacks from both shadow backer and console cowgirl. My gang is just around the corner - confrontation is imminent.

Having gone another route, aiming for another terminal is the showrunner Masque, a drone jockey and the shadow backer. The drone jockey is armed with a helo fire support drone, that flies quickly around a building. I takes cover in some trash and have a nice firing lane towards my gangers and sprawl ronin. The Ronin is not yet within cover and is wounded. She doesn't fail her grazed test - which would have been nice actually.

A lurking gun drone.

 My crew had the rotten luck of getting a Griefer Avatar close to them, entering from their own entry point on the map. I was dead terrified of the possible damage the griefer could do me - as he has to spend AP on bad stuff each turn. Only my own crew would be within range. So for the first three turns of the game, my console cowboy and shadow backer spend all the combined hacking power to bring the Griefer offline.

In the end they were succesful without getting damaged too badly - but wasted valuable time, Breaking down the White Ice and getting control of the two C.A.T.s near me would be hard.

The center battlefield. An open space with bystanders and two visible C.A.T.s - blood would be spilled here.

Not wanting to disappoint my Big Media backers, my ronin 'Glitch' charged forward attacked my opponents own ronin. 'Glitch' came out on top, scoring a critical hit with her sword causing a lot of damaged - those chrome arms bringing in some extra bang.

I've been lucky rolling 'against all odds' skills for my ronin and the ganger Hogger, so they don't mind being outnumbered - in fact it's a bonus for them. But it even turned out that models block line of sight, so all those gangers in cover near the wall couldn't charge around their partner.

And then failing some activation roles and only getting 1 AP, they couldn't help much.

Sitting at different ends of an alley my ganger Ina first brought down the gun drone and started shooting at the jockey. She was backed up with a few shotgun blasts from her enforcer leader. But at the other end the showrunner masque and drone commander fired back - bringing down Ina after a few rounds of shooting.

Moving away from the wall and into cover of a hovering noodle shop, my opponents gangers started firing at my guys on the square. And I was getting afraid of getting caught in a crossfire situation. The female ganger in a red tanktop rushed in to support her sprawl ronin friend.

In return my ganger Hogger rushed in and smacked her to the ground with a cybernetic punch. And 'Glitch' managed to down her enemy as well.

Now the enemy console cowgirl (having control of a terminal) overheated 'Glitch' chrome legs giving her a lot of damage. Then green haired ganger 'Animal' fired a hand cannon and 'Glitch' bringing her down to a single wound.

Mean while my console cowboy and shadow backer had finally taken their White ICE offline and still had a few turns left to hack and take control of their two C.A.T.s. At the moment my opponent controlled one.

The enemy shadow avatar had access to a terminal as well and quickly got control of the system. The enemy now had control of two C.A.T.s in the area - and I was still trying to hack into one.

Feeling the situation under control and knowing my console cowboy was busy working his deck, the enemy showrunner tried to stop him. Running around the monorail station, he climbed a car and started shooting at the hacker 'Circuit'. Luckily for me he was hard to hit from hard cover - and continued working.

The fight kind off went out of our guys at this point and the game was ending. My ganger Ina was down and a few of the enemies guys as well. My showrunner climbed a food stall, to stay in cover and safe, maybe take out a few enemies. My sprawl ronin hid, nursing here wound trying to not go out of action.

 Showing off the enemy console cowgirl uploaded her guardian angel to the grid, but otherwise stayed our of more fighting - not having brought a ranged weapon to the battle.

The gangers Hogger and Animal ended in a fist fight, no one getting the upper hand. The only backed off from one another when the showrunners called them. The battle was over. Corp Security was inbound, they were out of time. Too much shooting and hacking activity on this part of the grid.

That was a brilliant and fun game. It all felt very cyberpunk and it was nice playing a mission with a critical focus on hacking. 

My opponent got out on top. He got a REP from two hacked terminals, taking two ICE offline and received extra crypto currency from his Unshackle AI master. There was also a lot of nice XP for him. The injuries all turned out to be minor and no crew members would miss the next JOBOP. All in all he came out with a lot of INFO and 70CC. 

It didn't go badly for my own crew - as in there was no permanent injuries to the team. But my failed hacking attempts did bring a lot of trace on me. My own shadow backer will be offline for two turns in my next game. And I failed to hack any of the terminals spending all that energy on the griefer. My income roles were bad as well - 30CC brought from that fight. 

Maybe it was the fight (or not offering enough cash), but my attempt at bringing the sprawl ronin 'Glitch' on as a permahire failed as well.

A few money in the bank, that's okay - I'll take those other scumbags next time.


  1. Great report & a fantastic table.

  2. Awesome report. The figures and terrain all look amazing!

    1. Cheers Simon. Thank you for always checking in.

  3. Terrific read! Your blog has convinced me to give this game a go, so thank you!

    1. Glad you like it RJ. The book is a great tome of stuff to play around with. I have another written from before Covid. But it's send to Osprey for them to post at their blog first.