30 April 2020

RoSD: Blood Moon Companions and Werewolf

One of the cool things about a skirmish game like Rangers Of Shadow Deep is to build lots of new character models. When I play this kind of skirmish game, if a soldier dies - I always make and paint a new one as well. It's a good way to slowly grow a collection.

For RoSD Bloodmoon there's four auxiliary companions, with some minor descriptions of looks. So I set about building those. 

The four new guys all have a recruitment point cost like regular companions, but they come with some neat skills. They'll be joining the warband if they survive the Bloodmoon scenario.

Covin and Seb
Covin is a military veteran who lost three fingers during his service. The body and head are an old Bretonian men-at-arms, even sword arm and empire milita arm (with three fingers missing). I chose the body, as unlike many other models, it looks sufficiently military.

Seb is described as a hulking brute of a woodcutter with well-worn clothes.  I used a Frostgrave cultist as the cloth have patches and tears, made a few more with my hobby knife. Head and arms are from the frostgrave barbarian kit.

As I try to always to, I added an empty scabbard for Covins sword.

Nicolan and Orla
Nicolan is a son of a noble. This model is from the Dunkeldorf range of miniatures. Normally he has a wine cup, but I added a dagger wielding hand instead. I chose the same colors as the rest of the rangers (red and green), but in a brighter tones.

Orla is an acher with read hair - and I didn't have anymore female minatures around that would fit. So this was the excuse I needed to finally order the Frostgrave soldiers II kits. No conversinos on her, only added a bowstring.

I've already painted up a single werewolf model for Frostgrave, but the bloodmoon scenario might bring two to the table at the same time. So I painted up another reaper bones miniature for that. Quick job. Brown base coat, couple of darker brown drybrushes. Some dark skin tone and washes. 


  1. Lovely work on them all. I like the dagger conversion as well.

    1. Cheers. I don't really have a lot of civilian looking dudes, as I don't play RPGs. So most of them gets an extra weapon.