1 July 2020

Terrain: Army Vehicles and radar

I've already upgraded a whole bunch of toys for the different game systems I play. I have this plan to build a full military base. For that I needed a truck, which will also see use in some Walking Dead scenarios around Woodbury.

And as part of my 2020 summer plans, I want to build a ton of military base terrain. Towers, sandbags, hesco bastion and so on. But here's the start for the project at least.

I found a good toy and did a bit of work on it. This first one is a generic army truck, usable for every country. I also got some specific Russian vehicles for use in Zona Alfa.

Scratch the entire thing with sandpaper to make paint and wash stick better.

Use masking tape to cover any glass, metal and wheels you don't want base coated.

Painting the truck
Give the truck a spray of OD green. Then give the entire thing a thick layer of different washes. I've been using both strong and dark tone for this one. Only base coated this one because the green seemed off, it wasn't close enough to that military green.

Russian truck
When gearing up to playing some Zona Alfa I went online to find some russian military vehicles. I have mostly humvees and other very american looking vehicles. Found an ebay seller with some cheap toys, actual models of real vehicles.

These were better in color, so only gave these a mat varnish and a thick layer of wash.

BTR-80 (not really)
This is another toy. A BTR-80 is a Russian armored personel carrier, so it was an obvious must have for the Zona Alfa board.

This is actually a german APC it turns out, so it was wrongly labelled on ebay, but nevermind that.

 It's another quick wash job. Actually there's a few pieces on it that could have been picked out (shovels, axes etc) - might go back an do that one day.

Sarissa Precision Radar
Got this kit on black friday when Sarissa had some very good discounts on their kits. I still have plans to make a large military base and is slowly adding pieces for it. 

This little kit is super cheap and easy to put together. A simple OD green base coat, grey base and a dusty layer of brown. Done. 


  1. Looking good, man. Particularly fond of that radar installation.

    1. Gonna add a lot to the military base project.