22 January 2021

Oathmark: Goblin warriors and troll

 New units for my slowly growing Oathmark orc and goblin army. This is one of the units I decided to make for getting to a 1000 pts playable list. 

Orc warriors 

Plain, simple orc warriors with hand weapons and shields. This is the first 10 models done for the unit, I have another 10 models lined up for painting. As with all the regiments in this army, it's a nice mix of miniatures from all other the place. 

As with the other units I've switched between different brown, grey and reds - for a varied look. I've picked out as different shields as possible, for variation in the look as well. 

A metal LotR hero and a plastic orc. I've added a shield to the hero model. 

The unit officer (the standardbearter) and another orc. The banner is from A games workshop skaven banner. I've gone for a Tower of Sauron look on this. Huge tower with a burning eye. The other orc has a beastmen shield, I like those more than the northstar ones. 

Here's an example of getting different looks at the same monopose models. There's a lot of cheap LotR plastics in my army. So I've made sure to use different hair colors, shield designs, green skins tones, warpaint. The clothing colors red, brown and grey have been mixed as well. Also make sure that the tuft on the bases are different. 

I've spend no time converting, cutting of weapons or heads. This works well enough. 

Orcs, orcs - more orcs. Some of these are converted, as they came second hand with broken weapons. So I've added some from the North Star goblin kit.

A better look of the the Tower of Sauron banner design for this unit. Using these symbols across units and always adding orange to the banners. 

Cave Troll

You need trolls in a evil overlord army. I've taken a troll from my Dungeon Saga: Warlord of Galahir expansion. I have two of these, so I'm gonna do a bit of conversion work on the second one. 

He's rather big and I like the model. But I need to find a good third troll for the unit. But in the 1000 pts army, this monster is running solo. 

1000+ points
Here's a photo of the first army. 1000 pts and just a bit over that. I didn't think I would ever make a mass battle army again, but I'm really happy with the look of the project. The army looks good and It'll be fun to expand it even further with even more models. 

And a quick attempt at shooting a small video of the army. 


  1. I am really enjoying your blog and they are a source of inspiration in these restrictive periods for wargaming.

    1. Thank you ED! Yes, these are crazy times. I feel it hitting hobby motivation, as I can't get out to play!

  2. All those different makes blend far better than I would have expected, and the colours bring them all together nicely. Great looking army!

    1. Cheers. It works really well actually. GW orcs would break the picture I think. But the LotR and Oathmark looks fairly good with each other.