15 January 2021

Terrain: Armory

 After finishing some of my dungeon tiles, I had to get ready for some Rangers of Shadow Deep. For that I needed an armory. And Perilous Dark from Frostgrave takes part in a weapons factory.

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The armory

Again jumping into the box of fantasy terrain crate, heroquest and dungeon saga. 

The terrain crate weapons racks are really annoying bits. They are all warped all over the place. And even using hot water and adding bases to them, the pole arms are all over the place. I much prefer the old HeroQuest weapon rack. 

But there is three weapon racks from the kickstarter, that's a nice amount. I've made sure to paint of the shields in different colors, to add some difference to them. There's also a weapon cache, I think that one is from Kow: Vanguard. 

For the armory I've also painted up a barrel of explosives and a grinding stone. Looking forward to doing some black smith stuff. I have a furnace and such around somewhere. 

The pile of armor and weapons are from the treasure room terrain crate. The other piles are made from different pieces from the collection. The crates and barrels are from renedra, hobby stores and some resin pieces I don't know where I got from. I've just added weapon bits from the bit box to make them into armory bits. 

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