8 January 2021

Terrain: Wizard Study

 After finishing some of my dungeon tiles, I had to get ready for some Rangers of Shadow Deep. For that I needed a wizards study. In the RoSD scenario it's actually a shamans workshop, but potato-tomato. 

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There's a ton of different pieces from the Terrain Crate kickstarter. I've painted a fireplace, the astronomy thing and candle lights. The lectern is from Dungeon Saga and the book is from an old GW dwarf banner. 

The mirror was kind of hard to paint up, I don't know to paint a flat surface like that. But it works okay. This is a small metal lectern from an unknown place and the tablet is from Admiralty Miniatures. 

I've glued a lot of scatter pieces to the desk. Feather pen and lamp are from Admiralty Miniatures, the other stuff is Terrain Crate. 

The book cases are terrain crate as well. I've just added som small scatter pieces to the top. I want to add scatter on top of all pieces like this. All my cabinets at home look like that, and it makes for a better look 'top-down', from where we play.

The small scatter pieces are made to be added and removed depending on need. I've just glued them in place.


  1. I just bought many of those same pieces to use in Frostgrave and Rangers. I'm definitely adding skulls and rats to the top of the bookcases so they look like classic HeroQuest.

    1. It really adds a lot, it sure does. I have so many weird little scatter pieces, so might as well glue them to my furniture.