18 January 2021

TNT: Slaver and Peace Keeper Reinforcements pt 2

 One of the joys of campaign skirmish gaming is getting new models into the team. I rarely reuse models that have died in a game as well. It's such a good reason to paint up new models for warbands, when models die in game. 

These models are made for two different TNT warbands. First is some heavy support for The Khans - slaver gang

This is an up-armed soldier using the peace keeper list. She's armed with an smg and a rocket launcher. The model is all Warlord Games bits from the zombie line of survivors and bikers. 

Second new model is for my peace keeper warband 'Common Order'. This team has had a rought start, lots of wounds, banged-up characters and few caps found for new troopers. This old veteran is a regular Officer. He's made from the Terminator resistance soldiers with extra bits from Warlord Games modern soliders and zombie survivors. The head is from a WW2 Russian soldier. 

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