11 March 2018

Deadzone: Forge Father Boss and Brokkr Bike

These two models are some that I've been wanting to paint for a long time. The Dreadball trainer I got through a trade. I don't have any specific plans for the models, but he's cool and will probably be an NPC in some games. I've used gold on him, like I've done on all the Huscarls - so he has some rank.

I can see the model fitting into Star Saga scenarios, a Deadzone WIP needing rescue, a squat trader in games of Necromunda, as part of a Scrappers gang. It's just a nice model to have. 

The Brokkr Biker is from Ramshackle Games and sculpted by Curtis Fell. I love the models he does, really cheap, old school and with free shipping on all order. Tried finding an official Mantic one, but failed to get one (and didn't need a big box of models).

I've painted both these models to match the colours of my other Forge Fathers

Bases are as always done by myself, there's a tutorial here. The container is homemade.

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