12 March 2018

40k: Inquisitor Eisenhorn and Vindicare Assassins

I'm a big fan of the Inq28 movement. Gritty, dark, grim, characters fitting for the places of 40k that's not massive battlefields. I've never read much Games Workshop fiction (other than Codex), but I couldn't let go of the Eisenhorn Trilogy after I started it.

The books about Inquisitor Eisenhorn expanded my knowledge and view on the 40k universe in a big way. So when I found the Artel W miniature on ebay I bought it right away (of cause Games Workshop have since then brought out their own version).

This Eisenhorn model is resin and rather slim compared to heroic sized 28mm models. I've bulked out the model by adding some debris on the base. For Gregors colours, I've went with the colours used on the front cover on the omnibus.

The Vindicare Assassins are both from different trades and they are some cool looking models.

For the bases I've added rusty battlefield debris and grey colours on the sand. It's neutral enough to fit into a lot of different battlefields and terrain types.

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