31 March 2018

TWD: Barn

The barn is an iconic piece of terrain for The Walking Dead. I still remember the first time I read the comics and they survivors figure out what Hershell is hiding in his barn - and the TV show where Sophia is found as a walker inside.

This barn kit is from Figurebitz (now owned by Laser Model Store) and made from mdf. Gary Robertson who's the designer, has plans to expand the kit with a removeable interior. And insert with hay loft and rooms for animals. I build my own from ice pop sticks.

I based the barn on a large piece of 3mm thick cardboard. Whenever I use cardboard for terrain, I always add a cross of duct tape on the back. This will create tension and prevent the cardboard from warping when glue and paint dries on the other side.

Needed some beam to hold up the hay loft I wanted to make. I cut of the ice sticks and glued the together, for a nice 28mm scaled beam.

Glued the beams to the cardboard base with super glue. Then make planks from ice pop sticks. I just went with it, didn't care too much that the loft was crooked, it should look old, worn and repaired.

The 'rooms' on the floor are thought for animals and is made from bbq-sticks of bamboo.
Most of the paint job was done with cheap rattle cans and the entire barn then had a wash of thinned down Army Painter strong tone wash. This ties the building nicely together with the farm house I've made - giving it all the same 'filter'.

The barn goes together very well with the other farm terrain I've made, including hay bales from hessian fabric.

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