19 March 2018

Dungeon Saga: Legendary Heroes of Dolgorath

In Dungeon Saga the heroes become Legendary through the course of the campaign. Mantic have released Legendary versions of all the heroes - bigger, badder, broader metal versions of the plastic heroes.

I got a set, way back in the day, when I preordered Dungeon Saga - when it first came up for retail sale. My set of legendary heroes, I've painted in the same colours as the original miniatures.

The Orlaf version is my favourite, such a brute! I like how all the gear from the orignal models is carried by the legendary version. The way he's carrying his old two handen axe in a single hand. Very nice model, will also serve as a barbarian captain in Frostgrave.

I like the look of legendary Rordin, but the model is actually really tall. He's as tall as most human 28mm models. I've added some gold to this version, to better show his status.

Madriga is a cool ranger model in the orignal, but the legendary version is even cooler. I like the bigger armor and her pose is super cool. I've added a bowstring to the model, as I always do to bows.

Danor is the model with the weirdest legendary version. The campaign with the heroes is one long quest, but it doesn't take the amount of years for such a beard to grow. The wizard model is super cool though. I've added a greenstuff beard to the original Danor model, to make the leap between the models smaller.

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