13 March 2018

Mass Effect: Commander Shephard and his team

Ever since I played through the Mass Effect games, I've wanted to make my favourite characters as models. There's a few different sets available from Shapeways - but with sufficient detail they are pretty expensive.

I once asked my good mate Matte from Admiralty Miniatures, if I could commission him to make some heads. He ended up making a set, have them cast and them put up for sale. 

This was a nice project of mixing and matching different bits and only using a bit of greenstuff, to add a bit of extra detail. There's photos of the finished and painted models at the buttom of this blogpost.

Urdnot Wrex, the Grogan: Mantic Enforcer arms, on a Peace Keeper body. Chopped up the foot to make the toes look right. Added some greenstuff details to give him the right shape on the back. Pistol from enforcer sprue as well.

Mordin Solus, the Salarian: For the body I've used an old restic Wrath model (from Deadzone), added some pouches from the Warlord Games zombie survivor kit. The omnitool is from a Dreadball female human and the pistol is from the enforcers. I added some shoulder pads from greenstuff, as there was some holes in the arms (for some fabric on the Wrath model). The 'claw' on his neck is from a Dreadball robot.

Garrus Vakarian, the Turian: A mantic enforcver model. I've cut the feet, to make them look like a turian. The spikes behind the knees are plastic sprue cut into shape. And to get the right shape on the armor, I've added some simple greenstuff details.

Thane Krios (drell), Tali'Zorah (qurian), Ashley Williams (human):
Thane is made from a Games Workshop dark eldar wytch, where I've cut off all the spikes. The gun arm is from a Mantic enforcer and the sniper is made from various gun bits.

Tali is also a dark eldar wytch. Her omni-tool is made from a Thermal Mine (enforcer) and the submachine gun is a cut up pathfinder tag rifle. I've also given her some utility pouches from the Warlord Games zombie survivors.

Ashleys is an almost vanilla Dreadball femail Void Sirene with an enforcer pistol hand added. I've repose her right arm with some hot water, as it was raised in the air before.

Urdnot Wrex (grodan), Commander Shephard (human), Legion (geth):
The Commander Shephard model is from Brother Vinnis. The only thing I've done with it, is to add a pistol to his back.

Legion is a Dreadball MVP model, perfect model for legion. I've reposed his arms with hot water and added a sniper rifle from the Enforcer Pathfinder sprue.

Garrus Vakarian (turian), Mordin Solus (salarian), Liara T'Soni (asari):
The model I've used for Liara is a cheap resin copy of an Infinity model. Found it on Ebay, not knowing it was a recast or an infinity model. But it has a nice pose. Model came with a sword, that I haven't used.

Painted strike team
For colours I've gone for a look as close to the colours used in the game (if not changed the standards).

I don't really know in which game these guys will see action. Perhaps in Star Saga with help from the Character Creation Expansion, maybe in a game of Scrappers as a scavenger team (using the aliens as mutants). They could also work well with Rogue Stars.

I think they can be run in Deadzone as well, as a reb team. Using Wrex as a Teraton, Mordin as a Judwan Medic, Legion and Thane as Reb Snipers.

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