29 March 2018

TWD: Farm House

I've wanted a farm house for TWD for a long time, but haven't really found a good one (that was within a reasonable price range). Red Beam Designs have made some nice wooden house for their not-woodbury range of products.

I painted this up quickly, with rattle cans. Using masking tape and paper, I covered of the different rooms and spray painted different colours. After base coating and assembling the house, I've given it all a wash of watered down Strong Tone. Around the roof, I've made some run off with Dark Tone.

The climbing greens is mixed up foam flock. It's glued on with super glue and have super glue dripped on it after drying - to make it much stronger.

At some point, I'll make a porch from ice pop sticks. That would add just the last, this piece needs to be a great farm house.

All the Red Beam Design buildings come with some furniture detailing, it was a nice little surprise. The bed seemed a bit flat, so added a piece of fabric to it as a blanket.

This little house has a decent size for gaming, enough room to play inside it and it's a great center piece for a 2'x2' board.

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