2 September 2018

Frostgrave: Thaw of the Lich Lord - Final Battle

Recently my good mate and I finished the Thaw of the Lich Lord. It's taken the better part of a year to play through it all. Playing this campaign has been a great experience over playing unconnected games. In this final battle our opposing wizards didn't battle each other. We were all about getting the Lich killed and getting our warbands out alive.

For the first time in this campaign, we also skipped using Ulterior Motives - we figured it would be too hard. If for example pulled objectives that put an extra wraith or werewolf on the table.

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The board was setup on a 3'x3' mat, with an aquarium wall at the back (scenario describes a back wall). All the terrain can be seen in the Frozen Fantasy Terrain Hub - tutorials for all the homemade stuff.

The Lich Lords retinue of twelve skeletons.

The Lich Lord at his altar and throne at the beginning of the game.

We both took put time sneaking through the ruined city. Using lots of empowering spells, like enchant weapon, elemental hammer and summoning zombies and demons. The plan was to kill off all the Lich minions without him seeing us.

My Witch, starting to feel powerful and the trusted warband sneaking into the city.

The summoner and his loyal warband entering the city.

The cultists of the Lich Lord had taken refuge in a broken building in the center of the board.They spotted out warbands right away and moved in to attack us.

A summoned zombie is used to hold of the armored skeletons. My ranger, crossbowman and demon hunter tries to take them out as well. The remaining warband is engaging the cultists.

My opponent had a harder time (worse luck) than me. The skeletons turned out to be hard to put down. Luckily he has more luck summoning minor demons every time they get killed off.

The summoner and her soldiers move up towards the platform of the Lich Lord, still in good cover.

Despite not getting hurt, it takes some time for the soldiers employed by my witch to kill off the last cultists.

My trusty rangifier have been with me since near the beginning of the campaign. With a little help from enchanted weapons and a ranger, he brings down one of the two wraith knights.

The Lich Lord finally moves down from his platform to the center of the town.

The soldiers of the summoner battling a summoned armored skeleton.

On paper the Lich is a very hard monster to kill. And we were really scared of getting out in the open. But after we ganged up on him, it wasn't that hard to bring him down. In the end my treasure hunter armed with a Sword of Undead Slaying put him down.

We played with the AI rules for the Lich. If he had been controlled by a human player - also controlling his minions - this battle would have been extremely hard.


  1. Sounds like a good battle! The Lich Lord is definitely harder when guided by human intelligence, but it sounds like you got a good game out of it. Thanks for sharing!

    1. It was a very nice game and a good conclusion. Next we'll be taking on the Forgotten Pacts campaign I think, but first we're gonna play some Last Days: Zombie Apocalypse.