6 September 2018

Terrain: TT Combat Apartment Building A

I already have two modern brick houses from Laser Model Store. Wanting a few more I went with TT Combat buildings, the price of TTC buildings is only a bit higher - but they have a much larger floor area.

Before ordering these buildings, I had no idea about the interior (or missing interior). Two things to keep in mind when buying TTC apartment building A and B.

Apartment building A has no second story inside, only a floor space.

Apartment building B has a second story floor. But the inside of the ground floor, is not aligned with the doors. And there's laser cut letters in the floor.

Great value products, but a bit of work needed to make them perfect for games. See all the urban stuff in the Modern Terrain Hub.

TT Combat Apartment Building A
I was surprised to see that this building was actually only a ground floor with very high walls. There's some detail lines in the middle of the walls. Using a new hobby knife I separated them in two pieces.

Prepping before a build I also paint as many pieces as possible. Using spray paint I base coat the building before assebly. White for windows and doors, mat red for outer walls and grey on the inside. It saves a lot of time over painting after assembly.

After assembling the building I decided to add inner walls, to make the buildings better for gaming. I used thick 3mm thick card board, gotten for free from a book store (it's the card books is separated by when they get them).

The second story floor is made from 3mm cardboard as well. Cut to fit just inside the walls of the house. A perfect fit, the floor is strong.

Last details
Other than the spray can base coat the painting is very limited. A bit of extra white around the windows. Then the entire building was giving a layer of Army Painter quick shade varnish. Added a few small news papers and birch tree seeds as leaves.

The graffiti was found with a google image search. Inserted into Word, printed and glued on with wood glue. Also covered with quick shade they blend in decent on the wall. Also printed a few posters.

Download: Graffiti
Download: Posters

A little reference to a favorite movie maker of mine. Big Kahuna Burger and Red Apple Cigarettes advertisements.

Absolutely loved the Why So Serious piece I found on the internet. Always good to bring some Batman into game worlds.

The carpets are just pieces of fabric, strengthened with some super glue around the edges, keeps them from wrinkling.

The interior terrain is cheap 1:50 scale dollhouse furniture. Full tutorial here.

The stairs to the second floor are designed and printed by the good guy behund Hedegaard Designs.