24 September 2018

Terrain: TT Combat Church

I've been wanting a church for a long time. As a building it's an important part of The Walking Dead's story line and in Last Days: Zombie Apocalypse it's on of the refuge options. A church like this, will also work in games like Burrows and Badgers.

The church by TT Combat is massive, it takes up a lot of space and is really a center piece on a game table. Unlike many TTC buildings, this church comes with a bit of interior terrain.

As all MDF builds I prime the part before assembly.

Like most MDF buildings, it's worth doing a tiny bit of work on it. First I added a raised floor from polystyrene (see showcase at the end). I wanted the preacher up higher, so everyone in the church can see him. Painted the polystyrene with some woodglue, so it didn't melt from the spray paint.

Also after assembly (so if you get a church after this, consider doing it before) I figured there was room in the tower for a small platform. Using a sharp knife, I cut off the triangular piece in the tower. This gave room for a small floor of ice cream sticks. 

It's a super easy conversion that adds much to the gaming use of the church. Now to get into the top of the tower, you can make a move half the way up first - making a two turn climb.

Painting and detaling
Not much painting done after priming the different pieces. Only the round windows on the church had to be painted black. The roof was primed black, then got dusty coats of dark grey and dark brown - it adds a bit of texture.

The entire build was varnished in army painter quick shade. I used an old cloth to soak up some, where I felt it darkened the white walls too much.

The church makes for a great center piece on a board. Remember to check out the Modern Terrain Hub for tutorials and articles on all the homemade stuff seen here.

Maggie Greene taking up a sniper position in the church tower. My entire The Walking Dead collection is here.

Jim and Carol is getting trapped inside the church.

Carol: "Aaaaaaahhhhhh!"

Curtis standing guard on the homemade extra floor at the bottom of the tower.

A complete 3'x3' table setup with the church in the center of the board. Homemade felt mat - tutorial.

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