11 September 2018

Terrain: TT Combat Dino Gas Deluxe

A gas station is a must have piece of terrain I think. I've been wanting one for a long time. It's a perfect place to scavenge in The Walking Dead and Last Days. But it's also a great center piece for This Is Not A Test (because they are iconic in Fallout).

You can skip the MDF kit tips and tricks and scroll to the bottom - that's the showcase photos.

This is a great center piece for scenarios and an urban setup. You can see the Modern Terrain collection here.

Before assembling a MDF product, I always sort of the bits and base coat them. I've seperated the pieces in piles for grey, black, white, green and red. It'll let you have a usable piece right after assembly and it really makes the remaining painting easy.

The only pieces assembled before base coating are the petrol pumps.

The dinosaur sign I coated green, then covered the dino in masking tape and painted the visible part red.

I've never tried having a miscut MDF kit before, but this turned out to be. The house have lots of walls not fitting as I'm used to with laser but stuff. Couldn't make sense off it. After assembling the roof, I was sure there had been a problem with a cutter. TTC are good guys and offered me a nice voucher as a sorry.

The worst was the long lines in the roof was hidden with masking tape, with a few drops of super glue for it to stay in place.

The two roof parts attach together, meaning you can't take the roof of the gas station, without messeng around with the half-roof as weel. So I decided to add two small legs to it, so the half-roof could balance on its own. Allowing the gas station roof to be removed for inside play.

Painting and detailing
After base coating there was only a bit of painting to do. Make out letters, add some metal details on the petrol pumps and other minor stuff. Varnished the entire thing in Quick Shade and added a bunch of birch tree seeds to the roof.

Printed some posters and graffiti on paper, glued it on with super glue. 

Download: Graffiti
Download: Posters

Photos of the finished build, really happy for this piece. Homemade felt mat - tutorial. And there's a tutorial for the fire escape ladder here.

Added a little Tarantino reference with a Red Apple Cigarettes poster.

Graffiti was found with a Google search. The Blues Brothers posters are just cool - love that movie.

The tool furniture is part of the 4Ground terrain hardware store interior. A very good kit. Put a review here.

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