1 September 2018

Review: 4Ground shop interior

To get some easy interior for my different modern buildings, I decided to get some from 4Ground. 4Ground make a lot of different sets of shop interior (sets included when buying a shop or mall from them). There's many different sets to choose from, but I've went with a Pharmacy and Hardware Store. This choice to get most useful stuff for my money.

Both sets come with shelf systems and boxes. Lots of boxes and plenty shelves.

I opted for these two sets because they would fit most different shop setups. The pharmacy set will give you plenty of goods, that'll look fine in gas stations, general stores - any store really. The Hardware Store will also beef up any garage, barn, hunters cabin with plenty of scatter terrain.

Using some of all the shelf space and extra tables, I made an armory. This will go both inside my prison and if I want to make a quick gun shop. I used some of all the extra guns you'll get from pretty much any Warlord modern sprue.

The sets are easy to put together and the instructions are simple.

I also got myself some diner furniture, so I could make some of my house into restaurants.

You will save yourself some time on the painting of the kits (the come colored). But a bit of detail painting is a good investment of time. I alsomade some of the brown boxes into other colours with a quick spray coat.

I highly recommend these products from 4Ground. The price is very good for the amount of stuff you'll get. I'm happy

Make sure to check up the Modern Terrain Hub - for a lot of tutorials and projects.

The combined contents of a Pharmacy and Hardware Store set. There's even a bit of hardware store tools left for another project.

Examples of different shop setups inside my smaller Laser Model Store mdf houses.


Hardware store.

A small warehouse.

An armory for my prison or plenty of stuff for a gun store.

Bits from both sets used as interior in the TT Combat deluxe gas station.

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