14 September 2018

Tutorial: Store signs and awning

I have some very nice, small, basic brick houses by Laser Model Store. Unlike my TT Combat brick houses, I haven't added graffitti and posters to those buildings. They are nice as administration buildings for the prison and figuring they could be nice shops as well.

Used some 4Ground kits to make many different store and some dollhouse furniture to make restaurants.

Decided to make some signs, that fit right into the windows, to easily making out the buildings as different stuff.

Check out the showcase at the bottom of the article and see the Modern Terrain Hub here.

  •  Mantic 25mm round bases sprue
  • Plastic and super glue.
  • Candle light
  • Printed signs and fabric

Step 1
Cut out some pieces like this from some old sprue. The outer pieces are gonna be hooks and the middle is to support the sign.

Step 2 - candlelight
Use a candle and heat up the plasitc. Bend the plastic twice to get a hook. Make sure this hook can fit over the wall thickness of your MDF building. Most buildings will be two layers - so 6mm. I've aimed for the hooks to be that wide.

 Step 3 - print the signs
I just a bit of seaching on Google. Found a gun store sign, a general store sign and made the police station sign myself. Took a photo of the logo on my police cars and using MS Paint I made a police station sign.

Printed out, I glued them to thin cardboard with wood glue.

Andy's Gun Works Top - download
Andy's Gun Works, Kwik-W-Mart and Police Station - download 

 Step 4 - glue 
Glue the sign to the sprue hook from earlier. Use super glue.

Made an awning in the same way. Took Mantic base sprue, made some hooks with a candle, strengthened with some extra sprue. Added super glue to the entire thing, press it into a piece of fabric. When dry, cut the fabric into shape.

Here's some photos of the result. A short amount of work time, free materials and the same little building can be turned into so many scenario specific buildings. Homemade felt mat - tutorial.

Tutorial for scrap material fire escapes here.

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