14 August 2020

Terrain: TTCombat Suburbia

At this point I've pretty much nailed the look I'm going for with TNT, hitting that Fallout vibe in the game. But I've been wanting a suburban area for some time as well. White picket fences, play grounds and all that. So when TTCombat had a nice black friday sale I jumped in and got what I needed.

These buildings will also be perfect when I get around to doing some games in Woodbury for The Walking Dead.

As always when doing MDF terrain, I base coated all the different parts before assembling them. Two different greys for interior, white for the outside, grey for details.

The suburban houses went together really well and super easy. Happy to see how big they actually are on the tabletop (this seems to be the case with pretty much all TTC kits).

I took some mahogany chips that I have, they are waste from a saw mill. The pieces are 1-2mm thick, so perfect for terrain. To add a bit more war torn apocalypse feel to it all, I've decided to board up the windows and doors. This is all for the looks, and it's on purpose that models can still draw line of sight from the windows.

On the two storey building I only boarded up the window next to the garage as it was the only window one could easily get to.

The roofs got a heavy layer of Army Painter quick shade. The stuff is really sticky. So while it was wet I sprinkled some garden scatter on the roofs. I just took some old leaves and ran them through the blender.

Fixed even more in place with matt varnish after it has dried.

The rest of the buildings, in- and exterior have had a layer of homemade brown wash. I use this for terrain as it's much cheaper than buying stuff. It's used acryllic paint, pva, water, dish wash soap and steel balls for mixing it.

The brown filter adds a lot to the pieces. Usign a thick brush I've added it everywhere in a thin layer and then with whipping the brush adding further spots here and there.

With a total of four house, I have enough to make a good 3'x3' setup.

A quick 3'x3' setup without any further pieces. With the loads of scatter terrain I have around here, I should be no problem to fill it properly.

And a few photos from a game of The Walking Dead. 

And from a suburban setup for hunting a big monster in TNT: 


  1. Great looking buildings. I need to give TT combat a once over.

    1. It's the cheapest kits out there and they are huge. And their kits gets better and better in design and detailing.