9 August 2020

The Walking Dead: Days Gone By chapter 2

Time to play the second game in Days Gone By for Mantic Games The Walking Dead: All Out War

In the first game Rick, Morgan and Duane managed to get a bag of guns from the Atlanta police station and all the supplies on the board. So for this scenario Rick started with 20 extra points for equipment. 

Rick went into the game with a hatchet, bandages and a horse. In my first play of this scenario, the camera messed up and didn't save the video. But in that try Rick lost, he died swarmed by walkers. Didn't secure any supplies. Let's see if he does better this time. 

The video is inserted below or linked here. You can see all my Walking Dead videos in a special playlist for that game.  

Setup for the game. Made a small board looking like an inside of the Atlanta. Pust some buildings in the corners all for looks, a small house in the center and some cars. You can check out all my different modern terrain here.

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