30 August 2020

The Walking Dead: Days Gone By chapter 3

 Next up in my attempt to play through The Walking Dead all solo is chapter three - Campfire Tales. 

Rick has made it out of Atlanta - but only barely. You can check a video of my playing scenario number two: City Slicker right here. 

But my camera messed up and didn't capture my first attempt at the second scenario. And that was rough. The game started out well with Rick finding Riot Gear and Hand Grenades. But right in the end it ended with Rick getting swarmed. 

So for this third scenario the survivors have no equipment bonus from scenario two and Rick starts the game already wounded. 


Made a quick little forrest setup. There's step-by-step blogs for the woods here. Used my TT Combat RV and some tents from Renedra. Fits the scenario description fairly well. 

Youtube video

And here's a video of my run of the scenario. I nice game, had great fun with it. 

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