5 August 2020

Reality's Edge: Drone Commander

After a couple of games of Reality's Edge my first crew finally had enough Crypto Currency to hire a new member - and it was a hard choice. I just got all the cool models from Human Interface, so wanted to use one of the models.

I ended up selecting a drone commander, finding a model with a cool tablet and deck. I used hot water to bend her arm and added an SMG from the Warlord Games biker sprue. And then I gave her some goggles from Warlord Games modern military sprue NVGs.

Went with a good amount of different bright colors for the model.

The drone is from a £1 Warlord Games sprue sale. It comes with 5 other models and a small drone - best deal in the world.

I painted the drone in white and blue so that it can work in other roles. Help as a security drone with the ren-a-cops I've already painted in the same colors as well.

And here's the crew now, ready to kick even more ass! The rest of the crew have a blog post here.

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