6 July 2020

Reality's Edge: Apps

There's a ton of different apps in Reality's Edge. Some of those apps can have a miniature presence on the game board. You could actually use tokens instead, but we figured miniatures is a nice way to go.

The way we've come up with, to make an easy spot if something is an app or not is on the base. We use clear bases with some white/black patterns for apps. The models themselves are either transluscent or painted in bright shiny colors. 

Iduro app - Lemmy the Legend as an app, absolutely guaranteed to bring in a crowd.

Another Idoru app, made from an old Nastanza miniature from Deadzone, I have a new version from Star Saga. Basecoated the miniature white and painted it using washes - than added a gloss varnish layer to end it.

Black ICE made ready for the Electronic Redundancy scenario. A Reaper Bones transluscent miniature, had a layer of clear varnish spray first and then red wash.

White ICE, four Reaper Bones transluscent adventurers, base coat of clearvarnish spray and then a layer of blue wash.


  1. Replies
    1. It's a nice way to show the apps. RE is a good game in how the apps work on the table.