21 October 2020

Critters: Rats, flies and dogs

Slowly building up some bestiary for This Is Not A Test, Reality's Edge and Zona Alfa. All three systems have some nice overlap in the random enemies that might appear. Hit the bit box and found some critters to use.

I'm always motivated to do stuff, that I have an actual plan for. So the rats were done because I needed some sprawl rats for an RE scenario. The dogs was needed for a TNT warband and also saw use in the first Zona Alfa scenario I played.

Giant flies
These are just some cheap halloween decor flies from ebay. There's 50 in a bag, so plenty for all manner of things. I've been basing some of these on lush jungle bases for use in Ghost Archipelago and some with wasteland themed bases.

These are from some GW Warhammer skaven kit, I have no idea which. Got them from a massive bit box I won on auction and made sure to keep this little buggers. They are cool, small mutations and augments on them.

Mangy dogs
Wild dogs are part of pretty much any system. And I've painted a lot of Mantic Games plague dogs. I've painted versions for Deadzone, I've used them as Frostgrave wild dogs and zombie dogs. And now made these for the wasteland - and I'm finally out. Really been putting a lot of them to use.