20 July 2020

Corp Sec Stage 3

Hardwired: Cyberpunk Skirmish game need three different tiers of enemies. Those can be both humans and robots. The tier 3 enemies are the last you'll encounter, they're deadly and super hard to kill.

I've already made myself some Stage 1 and Stage 2 troops, looking like security guards and something near swat level in gear.

For my Stage 3 guys, I've moved away from the blue and into black and grey colors. These are military, black ops, last resort kind of troops. 

I love these tripod bots from Warlord Games - especially since they were £1 pr model during a sale. The one bot is done without any conversion work, it's straight out the box. Huge claw and big gun. I figure this is an entry bot. This thing will blast and wreck its way into armored vehicles or buildings.

The other bot has a 40k assault cannon added and a smaller claw. This is for pure crowd 'control' - take out a riot with a single robot. 

Sedition Wars infantry
Bought sedition wars in an auction years ago. Sold off most of the stuff, but kept some of the models. So to try and paint some of them up, I picked one of each. A grenade launcher, light machine gun and a regular rifle trooper.

Neat little models, easy to paint, a bit smaller than many of the 32mm-ish scifi models out there. 

Human Interface - walker gun drones
These cannons are just cool. Auto cannons with legs, from Human Interfacce. I figure these tier 3 enemies release all manner of evil when inserting into an area. Robot and drones blasting everything apart with excessive use of force - to not risk the highly trained humans. 

Family photo
Here's the totalt tier 3 black ops insertion team, complete with wheels and flier. All painted in the same style as my Deadzone GCPS troopers. Not a lage as the tier 1 and 2 force - but much deadlier.

With the grey, dark grey, black and red - these guys look that evil corporate clean up crew.


  1. Very nice! I like the switch of colour scheme. love those robots are they the same warlord robots as in tier 2?

    1. Yes, same models. I've used some other weapons on these guys however.

  2. I love the mix-and-match approach to good scifi gaming! If you like Hardwired and Reality's Edge, you'd probably also enjoy Horizon Wars: Zero Dark.

    1. I don't know it. But I'll try checking it out. Not that I really need more games.