1 April 2017

A few The Walking Dead games

A few games of The Walking Dead
Had a few very nice and bloody fights of The Walking Dead last night.

I decided as always to snap a few photos of the action, but also tried capturing some small videos to show the set up. It's a neat little trick, just need some practice in doing it right.

Game 1:
My mate Lau took Allen, Donna, Morgan and Duane up against my team of Andrea, Derek and Sandra. I won the first game with most loot counters as the threat reached 18. Not too many zombies entered play, the events were easy on us.

My first game running Andrea with a crossbow, a very nice combination. Still had here running out of ammo, and trying to find some from the loot. Duane had a lot of loot counters and then tried to end Sandras life with a showel to the head. It failed and Duane died from Andreas crossbow bolts.

Lau figured he should have hid Duane with all his loot behind the shipping container. 

Game 2: Forrest Camp scavange run. 

This game had Lau taking Shane, Carl (with a crossbow) and Lori. I took Morgan, Patrick and Michonne.

The scenario was that out groups had both found a camp in the woods. All the survivors there were dead and turned into walkers, now lurking within their old defenses.

A very brutal game! Burning walkers left and right as the scrambled through camp fires and set tents ablaze.

Michonne died from a molotov cocktail thrown by Shane. It set everything around her on fire and drew in even more walkers. She didn't stand a chance against 4 flaming walkers. They rolled 14 red dice - as they get 1 extra dice from flames.

The game almost ended in a draw as Morgan tricked some burning walkers to attacking Shane. But Carl, who had missed every shot in the game, then put a crossbow bolt right into Morgans head. .. The game ended with Carl and new step dad Shane leaving the board with a single loot counter.

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