25 April 2017

Devil's Run: Hauls Angels

The Hauls Angels is one of the two factions in the original Devil's Run: Route 666 by Wordforge Games. I like the official resin models a lot, their bikes are especially cool. They have a neat old school biker gang vibe to them.

I've gone for a red colour scheme with added skull symbols to the larger areas. Some of these models I did for the beta version of game, before getting the kickstarter.

Homemade Car
This car is made with a hotwheels car. Picked it due to the cool motor sticking out of the hood. The spikes on the roof is pick axes from old Games Workshop plastic chaos marauders. The crew inside is from the nice 20mm apoc conversion set by Ramshackle Games. Mesh in the back window in from the local hardware store and the armor plating is just a random piece of plastic I found.

The Haul's Angels don't have a trukk in the game, but I'm just using my Skinners cards for it. I want a behemoth for all my gangs. Trukks are described as ramshackle vehicles made from lots of different cars. So this thing is build from three different cars I cut up with a hacksaw.
The armor plasting is made from currogated plastic that comes in chocolate packages. The exhaust pipe is made from a lollipop stick I bend with some candle light heat.
Spikes from warhammer pickaxes. Driver, passenger and gunner from Ramshackle Games.

Buggy and resin car
Buggies are awesome in Devil's Run. This little thing is made from a Kinder Surprise gokart. Added some metal mesh and a roll cage from thing plastic rod. The minigun  and driver are a Ramshackle Games bits.

The car (a gasser) is an official resin model from Wordforge Games. It's a really nice piece. No conversions added to this one.

Bikes and Trike
Lovely little models from Wordforge Games. The skinner bikes and trike have a ton of detail. I really don't like painting models this small, with that many details. But the results are cool and the models are rock n roll.

The entire gang 

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