3 April 2017

Tutorial: Industrial Crane

I love Mantic Games Battlezone terrain. The tile system is brilliant, easy to build good looking stuff and it's fairly cheap.

Back when I started Deadzone, I ordered myself a single Sci-fi Urban District - and set the challenge to make the most of it! The entire trick to this build is sprue - best free hobby material in the world.

This crane is a favourite of mine and is seeing action in Deadzone, Necromunda and Scrappers.

  • Battlezone tiles
  • Old necklace
  • Miliput and play-doh
  • Plastic sprue
  • Adhessive sticker paper - printet with logos
  • Screws
  • Metal net
  • Tools: Hobbyknife, clipper
  • Glue: Plastic glue and super glue.

The Build

Step 1:
Made a single 3'' cube from battlezone tiles. Then cut out some long pieces of sprue, I went for 9'' pieces. When preparing sprue I go for pieces with as many injection dots on them as possible. It'll end up looking like bolt, screw etc later. Also cut your sprue uneven, by chipping away pieces of it.

Step 2: 
I always glue my battlezone stuff together. Think of a cool design and make it permanent with glue. I don't find the modular system with clips really work well enough.

Step 3:
Strengthen the build with cross beams of sprue. I also added a small battlezone half tile platform. It's important to add some high detail stuff to 'sprue builds', it'll make it look expensive.

Step 4:
The elevator platform is made from a (just short off) 3'' square with metal mesh. Metal mesh is a great material and you'll get a lof for cheap at the hardware store. I glued sprue to both sides of the net, use lots of super glue. Cut a hole in the middle of the net. 

Step 5:
For the roof of the crane I've used a hardplastic tile. Give it all some extra stability. Glue a bolt to the tile, this is for the elevator chain. Use lots of superglue again, this thing will carry some weight. Do the same with a bolt on the floor of the elevator.

Step 6:
When I visit a charity shop, second hand store or yardsale I always pick up old necklaces. It's cheaper than buying hobby chain for the craft store and it's great for so many builds.

It was a bit fiddly to get this to work. The elevator mesh plkatform is actually glued onto the side of the tower. When glueing the chain in place, you have to hold it, cover it in superglue, sacrifice you fingers and wait. The chain ain't loose in this build, it's made solid from a lot of super glue.

Step 7:
Build the arm of the crane. Same way as the tower itself. This is made from 6'' pieces of sprue. I've added some extra small pieces of sprue on the top, it'll make it much easier to balance models on the top.

Step 8: 
Use another chain to make the crane. Originally I would have used some plastic hooks that was in some of my wifes new clothes, build then I found an old 40k Defiler craw and chopped that into a crane hook. Also found some other bits for the wrench - I think they're from some tank. But you could easily use another bolt or screw for this part.

 Step 9:
I wanted a platform at the base of the crane, but didn't have enough half tiles from the battlezone set. I decided to make one myself. Took an old lid from a potato salas, as it's nicer to work with plastic. 

Step 10: 
Using a 50:50 mix of miliput and play-doh and using the Greenstuff World Factory Rolling Pin it's no problem adding details. The 50:50 mix makes it easier to use the pin and it lowers the price on putty a lot!

Step 11: 
Let the putty dry completly before doing the other side. Or skip this step - you won't look at the buttom that often. I also added a floor to the crane (made the same way). Add some support to the platform with some plastic sprue.

Step 12:
Glue the entire thing together. The connections in on the sprue tower will look a bit messy (unless you really take your time with precise cuts). It's hid them with small square of plastic sheet, it also adds some bulk to the build.

Step 13: 
Add extra details to the build and paint it up. I've gone for a messy yellow and grey paint scheme.This is where those injection mold points are coming to their right, it'll bring out the drybrushing and adds point for the wash to pool up.

I've printed a lot of warning labels and 'danger stribes' on adhessive sticker. It's easy to add some details a lot over your own painting skill this way.

I've used super glue lids (had a couple after the build) for chemical cannisters. Also added some bolts (with lots of nuts) on the button of the build. Add some heavy weight and easily paints up as cannisters.

All done!

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