11 April 2017

The Walking Dead: Walkers Wave 1

The Walkers were a joy to paint, really easy to do. I went with a 'Necrotic Flesh' basecoat from Army Painter. The Kickstarter box came with a bit of dublicate models, so I've tried to go for very different colours on those miniatures. Also gave some of the dublicates some hot water treatment, to try and change the pose on their arms. Minimum work in order to make the different.

Unlike my Wave 1 Survivors, I've put blood splatter on most of the Walker bases. All blood is done with Games Workshops 'Blood for the Blood God' effect paint. It looks a lot better in real life.

All these Walkers were photographed before I build my light box.

Painted up the Ronnie Renton walker in a Mantic shirt. The guy on the left is based on a good friend of mine, he has the same cap and leather vest. 

In most of my game systems I try to make at least one 'The Watchmen' smiley. The iconic badge worn by the Comedian with a bit of blood over the one eye. Walker Reggie and Waler Shane are both painted in the same colours as their Survivor counter parts.

 The police officer walker is rocking the same uniform colours as both Rick Grimes and Shane.

A shot of some walkers with details on their backs. 

The Herd size Wave 1. Thirty two bloody shambling corpses.

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