8 April 2017

The Walking Dead: Survivors Wave 1

The complete collection of wave 1 survivors from the Kickstarter Edition of the game, as well as the retail exclusives. The photos were taken before I got my light box setup and that shows.

The Grimes
Colours on the Grimes are based on a comic cover, except Rick. Rick I've painted in the same colours as I've used on my Law model in Devils Run.

I actually like this gang a lot. But they were in the comics for only a single issue before being gunned down in front of Alexandria. Gave Liam a denims and leather look. I know a lot of heavy metal listening roleplayers thinking themselves ready for the zombie apocalypse - they would get eaten right away.
Brian Blake and Reggie
Brian Blake before he became The Governor is from the Prelude to Woodbury set. Reggie is a nice character to make, a cool bad buy model (despite him dying on page 1, issue 1). 

Dale, Andrea and Amy
A lovely little trio of miniatures. Amy is the first pink I've ever painted.  

 Shane, Jim, Sophia and Carol
Painted Shane in the same uniform colours as Rick Grimes. The 'POLICE' on his cap was a pain to paint, but adds a lot to the model. Jims cap wasn't much better, I tried to make the 'CAT' logo that he has in the comics.
Allen and Donna
Husband and wife. Not seeing much action on the table, but it's a nice couple of miniatures.

Negan and Craig
Craig's not named in the comic, part of a small child molesting gang. They quickly died. I'm really pleased with the way his camo paints turned out. Negan is Negan - super cool and with a nice pose.  

Abraham Ford and Michonne
Both the models are Kickstarter Exclussive sculpts. Never really gave much for that 'KSE' stamp, but it's some super cool models. Michonnes colour scheme is based on a colour cover of the comic. 

Rick on horse
This model was the absolute worst of all the models to paint. Don't really know why that was, just really didn't like painting it. But horses play a big part in the comics and I like the finished model. Perhaps it'll see use in some scenarios, not in regular games.

Morgan and Duane
A nice little father and son duo. The Duane sculpt I found was the worst of the wave 1 miniatures. Especially the head didn't have as clear details as the other miniatures in wave 1.


  1. Hi Bloodbeard,

    I love your walking dead miniatures. I am also painting my Wave 1 KS box and would be really pleased if I am came out with the same results. I read your blog over at the mantic website and am glad you have made yourself your own blogspot. I have saved this in my favourites :-)

    1. Thanks Jacky Brown! Glad you found your way over here and thanks for bookmarking it.

      Quickshade, quickshade is the way to go for some awesome results!