16 April 2017

The Walking Dead: Dale's RV

There's a few different RVs on the market. I ordered the MDF Atlanta RV from TTCombat back when my Walking Dead Wave 1 was delivered. At that time there was a few different options, now there's also an official model from Mantic Games. I would still have gone for the TTCombat one for a couple reasons:
  • TTCombat has the cheapest RV. Cheaper than Mantic Games and a lot cheaper than Pat's Laser Cutting. 
  • The size is really nice, as it's more than a Line of Sight blocker. There's lots of room inside, perfect for scenarios. There's a size comparison with the cardboard token at the end of this page.
I painted the RV with a white spray basecoat and then some brown panel details, I think this is the colours used in the comic as well. 

I've not done much to the interior. I considered adding furniture, but I really like the space inside. I might at some carpets at some point, when I find the right fabric for it.

The entire model has had a wash of watered down Strong Tone (not the quick shade varnish). The mud is made mixing used coffee grounds, wood glue and brown acrylic paint.

I magnetised the door, so it won't fall out and can stay in an opened position.

The RV also comes with a rolled out canopy, but I decided not to add it. In a survival situation I would never roll something like that out, in fear of damaging my vehicle if I had to leave quickly. Also I want the RV in a state where I can use it for scenarios where it's driving.

Having made it to Atlanta the Survivors Dale, Andrea and Amy are taking an uneasy break.

An example of the magnetized door.

Andrea desperately trying to protect her little sister as Walkers swarm inside theRV.

This clearly shows the best thing about this RV model. You can place two 25mm based models side-by-side in the model. And there's to choke points in the RV where there's only room for one model. This makes it great as a gaming piece and perfect for scenarios.

Size comparison 
The TTCombat RV is a lot bigger than the cardboard token. It's the same size in width, but it's a far amount longer.


  1. This really carries a strong feeling of atmosphere. The vehicle tells a tale of nomadic existence on the run from the war against the dead. Best wishes to Amy, stay close to Andrea!

  2. Yes, the RV is iconic in The Walking Dead mythos. It's a good prop to have for our games. Thanks for checking in Nick.