5 April 2017

Deadzone: Marauders WIP and more sci-fi bases

This month as part of 'Pledge, Paint or Pay!' I'm building my Marauders for Deadzone. A mix of old metal and restic miniatures.

I love the modern military look on these guys and a going for a brown/tan/desert camo look on them.

I got this team as part of the 'all strike teams starter' add-on. But Mantic was missing a few miniatures, so they put in extras of others. Going for a 'one of each' system for all strike teams I needed to do some converting.

It's been a while since I've converted and worked with greenstuff, as all my time has gone towards painting as much stuff as possible.

 Am always surprised at how much a basecoat does to a converted miniature.

The skyscraber model came with options of doing a merc Leader or a regular Skyscraber trooper. Using a restic commando, a metal hammerfist dropsuit jump pack (forge father) and the scyscraber second metal head I made this (guy on the left).

Commando with combat shotgun (rifle)
I only got two different poses for the Commando Troops. But needing three troops, I wanted to make a third pose. Using the combat shotgun (rifle) from the skyscraber bits and cutting up a restic model I made this one.

Goblin reposed
The restic goblins come in two poses. One is a cool kneeling goblin, the other has a weird frightened jumping pose. Using some hot water, I tried to repose him looking running instead.

Commando with heavy machine gun
Commandos can have two different heavy weapon upgrades. Flamethrower and HMG. Converted this HMG Specialist by hot water bending the commandos arms and adding a Plague Stage 3a HMG bit. I also reposed the head, to make him look in the direction he's holding the gun.

More sci-fi bases 
And 2,5 hours of work, including breaks and clean up gave nme a new set of bases. This should pretty much see me through all m Ver-Myn that's getting build and painted in May. A tutorial on how I'm doing my bases can be seen here.

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