8 November 2018

Deadzone: GCPS 100 pts list

The GCPS is a super cool faction in Deadzone. The marine grunts, the soldiers getting killed in Starship Trooper, the marines in Aliens, Firefly Alliance troopers - these are the guys.

I've converted up a lot of options (going for one of each). And just finished painting a small 100 pts Deadzone team (see them last in the post).

Besides Deadzone the models are great for a number of things. I want to use these guys as evil cooperation troopers in cyberpunk games - like Reality's Edge. Handling security and clean up where necessary.

Here's shot of the entire GCPS group I've build. Trying make sure there's a visible difference between marines, veterans and rangers. Gonna write more about them as I paint them up.

I've gone for a light grey uniform, with dark grey webbing, black details and red as a spot color. I've pained a lot of my Plague troops in similar colors, to work as tainted and infected troops from the same army. And the Plague Stage 3 general is having the same coat as the general here. Plague post.

100 pts - six man strike team
Lead by a Major-General, with three GCPS veterans (two with extra ammo) and two specialist: sniper and grenade launcher.

The Major-General is a cool old metal model. Compared to the other troops he has a 'I don't care, I'm in charge' appearance. Did a simple head swap, as I don't like bare headed soldiers.

The veteran marines are a better choice the regular marines. There's not a big point different, but they shoot a lot better. I've made the veterans different in look by using the ranger arms and guns. They've have more gear on them and a bulkier look. Also added a sidearm to the veterans, to make them stand out.

For more visual difference I've added a red symbol to the helmet (also on the officer).

The specialists aren't veterans, at least not in the rulebook wording. So these guys don't have the symbol on the helmet. The trooper with grenade launcher is straight out the box. The sniper is a converted model. Using the standard GCPS laser rifle, I've added a scope and silencer from the enforcer pathfinder tag-rifle.


  1. Looking good. I do like those big walker figures.

    1. I love walker models of any kind, but these are among the best.