14 November 2018

Last Days: Scavenge Run - Game 1

First time playing Last Days for real and going straight into a campaign. For this campaign we've tried laying out a story-ish path for the first couple of scenarios.

Both me and my mate have made survivor groups of good guys. Everyday heroes put in very bad situations. We've also made sure to name the characters and come up with small background pieces for them.

My team can be seen here. My opponents team can be seen here.

First game - Scavenge Run
The world have gone to utter chaos. The first massacres are over - most people have died. The bands of survivors have been together for a fairly limited amount of time, food and supplies haven't been too scarce yet.

On a scavenge run to the center of town the survivors stumble upon each other. It's uncertain who fires the first shot and if it was intended - but in the chaos of walking corpses and hunger the living start hurting living.

We made a board of an urban center, houses, power masts, cars, a few shops. There's blog posts for most of this stuff and a few tutorials on the Modern Terrain Hub.

 Here's a quick flyby of the city (sorry for the background noise)

Before the first shots are fired, the SWAT officer John sneaks towards town center, lots of supplies in that area.

Not lacking ammo, he's taking the safe option and taking the headshot - though it takes a few bursts.

The group has split in two. Wade is leading Sam and Alice around the block, trying to cover the center from more angles.

The veteran soldier Frederick Luis quickly climbs a power mast. The height, the cover it provides and being armed with a military grade assault rifle is a great combination. He effectively locks down an entire corner of the city block.

Father Rothchilds is sneakign towards my team, hugging cover and watched over by the soldier in the tower.

John having picked up some supplies is taking cover and watching the center point, there's more supplies there. But it's a dangerous kill zone to enter.

The two groups are up close for the first time. Sam fires his shotgun at the priest. And hell breaks loose, with Frederick starting to shoot at Sam.

On the other side of the city center, where Bai Wu's gang entered. Bai Wu, Duncin Atkins and Dorothy are swarmed instantly by zombies. Rolling high on the first Noise rolls, the are stuck in place right from the start.

Dorothy would be in big trouble if it weren't for her loyal (and lethal) dog Toto.

All the shooting, running and other noise brings in multiple zombies. While Father Rothchilds being badly wounded from a shotgun shot retreats, Sam is suddently in real danger of getting overrun by the undead.

Toto the lethal terrier proved his worth early, by biting the head of a zombie and freeing Dorothy.

Sam (backed up by Wade's SMG) tried taking out the three walkers, missing with everything single shot. Sam was overwhelmed the next turn. Hurt by shots from Frederick in the tower, he wasn't able to withstand the zombies.

With both Alice (put down by Toto the dog) and Sam down. Wade makes a run for it, trying to get of the battle zone with the supplies he's carrying.

Father Job was trying to help Alice in the center. She had tried to grab some supplies, but was taken down by Toto.

At the end of game 1, both groups found leads in police cars about a possible safe zone. A prison outside of the city, should be set up and protected. Both groups decide two head towards the prison in hopes of finding peace and security.

The first game of out campaign ended with my team having three supply token and Bai Wu getting off with one. Good thing both side had doctors on the team and some first aid supplies - it saved multiple members from infection.

A good first game, fairly smooth for a learning experience. Good tactical choices in going for defender or aggressor. Getting first move and 'lock and load' or getting first shot later.