17 November 2018

Deadzone: Veer-Myn 100 pts

I've had these veer-myn space rats lying around for years, since the second Deadzone kickstarter. But I haven't gotten around to painting them, because I was waiting to see which models would come in Star Saga.

This is a quick 100 pts demo list for the veer-myn. Going for some quick and fast melee list, with the leader able to pump out some smoke as cover.

100 pts - Veer-Myn
I'm not sure that the big Nightmares are actually worth their points, but the models are bloody cool!

Leader - Prognitor
Armed with a smoke greande launcher to give some cover to his rat companions. 

Brought three standard veer-myn stalkers in the list. Armed with ray pistols and melee weapons. One is converted with an old restic bit carrying a big drill. But in this list it counts as a melee weapon standard.

Nightmares, two of them. Nice big brutes! One is armed with a big two handed drill and the other with a pair of drills.


  1. Great looking gang. The green goggle stand out really well and make them look really cool.

    1. That neon colour gives just the right pop! I need to get some in other colors for scifi terrain.

      Works extra well on these, as I messed up the matt varnish spray and dulled all the colors. The green was added afterwards.