14 November 2018

Last Days: Everyday Heroes of Bai Wu

Everyday Heroes - refuge Police Station
This is the survivor group for my regular opponent. These guys are used in out first Last Days Campaign.

Leader - Bai Wu (Everyday Hero)
An undercover cop, was infiltrating the triads before the apocalypse. When the shit hit the fan he fled to his old police station, hoping to find other survivors and friends. 

On the way there he met Dr. James Hendricks (Rescue Worker), his daughter Dorothy (Kid) and their dog Toto. They had a stash of old medicine journals and first aid supplies. 



There was no police officers at the station. But there was a lone survivor, and office clerk and former football player Duncan Atkins (Tough Guy). He had barricaded himself at the station and let the other group members in.

When realizing the apocalypse was a permanent situation, they decided to let out the lone detention inmate. A pastor names Father Rothschilds (Good Samaritan) was being held for being drunk in public. He joned the group upon release.

After one tough night at the station, the group was contacted by the National Guard soldier Frederick Luis (soldier). Frederick had gotten lost from his platoon during battle against the zombie hordes. He's helping the group led by Bai Wu, hoping to find members of The Army. He's certain The Army can help survivors to a safety zone.


  1. Very cool looking characters and nice background stories for them all.

    1. It adds a lot to the game, to do just a bit of work on the characters. We should have done that with Frostgrave as well.