3 November 2018

Sons of Mars: Spartacus, Crixus and Theokoles

Finished painting my first four gladiators for Sons of Mars, a gladiator combat game. The first three models are from Gale Force 9 who made a Spartacus boardgame. Found the expansion containing the three models for cheap, then sold the boardgame part for even cheaper models.

The retiarius is a metal model from Crusader Miniatures (Northstar)

Spartacus Thraex and Crixus Murmillo
Tried to mimic the colors from the TV show as much as I can. The episodes with Theokoles turned out to be the best for looking at the colors in detail - the TV show is very gritty and with dulled colors.

Crixus shield design was simple enough to paint, still happy that Spartacus didn't have one though.

Theokoles The Shadow Of Death - Dimachaerus
I'm normally doesn't mix colors while painting, but I did to fix this skin color. It's a mix of a pale elf tone and bone color. His hair is white mixed with bone color.

A classic gladiator. There's four sculpts in the blister pack and I liked this one the best, so he got painted first.