20 November 2018

Last Days: Campaign Game 2

First game
The story so far is that two groups of survivors clashed in an urban center. Non actually being aggressors or looking for trouble, in the mayhem of the living dead - they still ended up fighting.
Check out the first game here: Urban Battle

At the end of game 1, both groups found leads in police cars about a possible safe zone. A prison outside of the city, should be set up and protected. Both groups decide two head towards the prison in hopes of finding peace and security. 

My group is every day heroes led by social services clerk Wade. My opponent is playing everyday heroes led by undercover cop Bai Wu. Despite bruises and wounds, both groups came out of the first fight with no dead friends. 

We decided to roll which battlefield and scenario we would get for the game 'on road' to the prison safe zone. 

We could end up with: 
1) farm - massacre site, scavengers, bushwacked, rescue (with neutral survivor), home defence (being attacked while camped)
2) gas station on highway - massacre site, bushwacked, scavengers
3) camp site in the woods - massacre site, bushwacked, rescue, scavengers
4) hunting lodge - home defence, massacre site, rescue, scavengers

Game 2 - Bushwacked at the farm
We rolled farm and bushwacked. Check out the terrain used here.

On the way to the prison Bai Wu and some friends find an abandoned farm. The decided to check it for some loot and supplies. A little later the survivors led by Wade arrive. Seeing the outnumbered enemies from a few days earlier, they decided to try an grab their supplies. 

My group attacks with 6 guys, while Bai Wu only has two friends on the map at the start.

A video of the situation at setup (beware your sound).

A few shots of the battlefield. The felt mat and roads are self made, same as the trees, fences and planters.

Making sure to take advantage of superior numbers (I rolled aggressor), my guys sprint forward, setting up 'locked and loaded' positions and try to bring down Bai Wu, Frederick Luis and Duncan Atkins.

The soldier Frederick takes off in one direction, while Bai Wy and Duncan go the other way. 

John going around the farm house, shooting at Frederick running past and forcing Bai Wu and Duncan to go the other way.

Backed up by John, my leader Wade moves along side the house, further pressing Bai Wu and Duncan, still located at the car.

Bai Wu and Duncan before running from the car where they were resting at the start of the game.

Sam is running by himself around the barn, trying to intercept Bai Wu and Duncan, who is coming his way.

National Guard soldier Frederick Luis in the forest, trying to get clear fast with his supplies. Father Job is closing him fast, looking to finish the already wounded soldier with his shotgun.

Nurse Carla running to aid here husband Father Job.

Duncan Atkins and Bai Wu making their way to safety from all my guns, trying to exit behind the farm house - John and Wade being on the other side.

All the noise made from the shooting and shouting alerts the remainder of Bai Wu's group. With some very lucky rolls, it's possible to get the remaining four survivors onto the board at the beginning of turn 2. This is bad for Wade. The opposing team has all the supplies and has the lead in numbers.

Dorothy getting surprised by a zombie, right after running to the aid of her friends.

Father Rothchilds and Dr. Hendricks come to too late to aid Frederick, he's gravely wounded by gunshots and have dropped the supplies he was carrying.

Showdown between priests!

This was a very quick game. The rules are fast and this round ended quickly. With only three supplies and lots of shooting from the start, it ended quickly. This time the survivors of Bai Wu came out with the best loot.

Wade and his companions were forced to use their last first aid supplies, to be able to make it to the Prison Safe Zone.

Game 3 see the two survivors groups rushing to the Prison - and finding a not so safe zone. 


  1. Looking good! Especially with all those vehicles around. Great for the scale. Love the collided cars.

    1. Toy cars add so much to the board. I have a big collection now. Still want to add a few more, when playing city boards, there should be many cars around.