23 November 2018

Star Saga / Deadzone: Mazon Lab 100 pts

Mazon Lab is the evil cooperation doing nasty plague research in the Star Saga board game. They're also a faction in Deadzone, getting rules in Containment Protocols. This is 100 pts demo list I've put together using those rules.

The plague victims are not actually a part of the basic list, but the leader might raise them from dead humanoid allies.

Besides using these models in Deadzone games and Star Saga. I will be using a lot of these in Osprey Games Reality's Edge cyberpunk games. I don't think Mr. Squid and the plague victims are gonna fit. But the evil doctor, lab technicians and the troopers will.

I intend to use the troopers as police troopers, painting various models in the same style. But these are the first members of the police force.

I've painted the lab technicians the same way as many of my plague models are painted, same uniform. The orange on the plague victims are also seen in more models. It'll allow me to run so many various themed scenarios, mixing and matching the models.

100 pts - Mazon Labs

The leader Dr. Lukas Koyner and a few lab technicians. Gone with the same colors as on Dr. Simmons and many plague zombies.

I tried making a different look on the monopose plague victims. I've changed arm and leg positions with boiling water. I've also gone for different metal colors, blood stains and hair color on them. The also have bone in various areas.

I've not cut and head swapped etc. because I want the models strong. This will allow my kids to play with them, without breaking them.

The Mazon Lab marines and rangers are actually bad guys, at least in the Warpath Universe. But I'm also gonna use these as police troopers in cuber punk games.

The chovar Organic Data Storage Unit X-02-A is a super nice model. An enslaved psychic alien.