13 November 2018

Roman RISK - The Map

The map for the Roman RISK project is complete. A huge 3m x 1,5 m map of the area around the Mediterranean Sea.

On the completed map I've added the latin names that I've been able to find and the cities that were (in some form another) around at 44BC. Some cities have latin names but are build after the 44BC - but still Roman citites.

Some cities of tactical (or pure historical) importance have laurels added to them - these territories are worth 2 points. Rome itself is worth 5 points. I've also added the 7 Wonders of the Antiquity (minus Hanging Gardens and Colossus of Rhodes). These are also worth 2 points.

The territories themselves (around 200) are not marked by anything in particular. But with the 8 teams playing, there's 25 territories for each to conquer.

I've added Roman Provinces from this map. Deping on the number of territories in a province, controlling an entire province will add further bonus points to the team. There's 19 provinces to control and a few territories not belonging to any province.

So all in all, there is a lot of ways the teams can plan to expand their power and gain point.

When we get to play, I'll tape all the individual (35 of them) a3 pieces together, so is presented really sharp.

All the resources used (pictures, thumbnails, legend etc) is collected in a folder, you can download here.

A shot of the entire map.

One of the two point territories containing Syracusae.

Three wonders of the ancient world. 

Rome, worth 5 points. Vesivius doesn't give extra points, but will be used as the base for a workshop. 

The legend showing the different provinces, their point values and the colors they're marked with on the map.

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