3 March 2019

TNT: Mutant Cannibals WIP

I've knocked together another warband for our upcoming This Is Not A Test campaign. It's from a small expansion giving rules for a group of mutant cannibals - think 'the hills have eyes' and the Angel family from Judge Dread.

Besides using these for TNT, I want to have them for some Necromunda Ash Wastes scenarios, if I join a campaign soon starting locally.

The Warband consist of a maw-maw, first born, three youngins, two degenerates a psycho and a wasteland wolf.

The Maw-Maw is made from a reaper bones model, can't remember the name of the miniature. Originally was gonna use it for Frostgrave.

The model has a games workshop Kroot rifle, greenstuff hair, a guitar string air tube and an oxygen compressor made from a GW melta bomb.

The Psycho and First Born is one piece models from Ramshackle Games. I've added a Mantic ghoul head to the first born and made green stuff hoods for both the models.

The youngins are made from GW skaven plague monk bodies, Mantic ghoul heads and with greenstuff hoods. The long rifle is from GW empire, the crossbow from a set of Perry Miniature soldiers and the last rifle is from GW pox walkers.

The degenerates are near clean GW ghoul models. I've given each a melee weapon though. One has a pox walker wrench club and the other a club from a chaos cultist. The wasteland wolf is a GW chaos hound.


  1. My maw-maw wore an oxygen mask, too! :)

    1. Living with an unhealthy life style I think!