18 March 2019

Tutorial: Quick weathering toy vehicles

I like to use a lot of toy cars and other vehicles for my games, be it The Walking Dead, Last Days or This Is Not A Test.

I always enter thrift stores, second hand stores if I pass them. Boy some cheap cars or other toys vaguely in scale. For me, from a table top playing distance, it doesn't matter if the scale varies a bit. Same goes for my models with Warlord being small and Mantic being large.

I've found two ways to super quickly take the toys from that - a plastic toy - to scenery. Simple, easy and makes it fit better on the table.

Only spray
The quickest way, is to spray your vehicles with brown spray paint from a good distance. Use a couple different colors if possible. Spray the lower part first and closer - mud, dirt and such. And spray the rest of the car from a farther distance, being dust.

This yellow hummer and Ambulance is only painted with brown spray paint. No other weathering has been done to these. But it does make them much better for the tabletop.

Only quickshade
These two toys have only been weathered with the remaining quickshade I had in an old pot. At some point it'll start to dry up, so I always use the rest for terrain pieces.

Just gave these two a lot of quick shade. Lots of it in all recess areas of the toys.

Both - spray and quickshade
For these last two, I've done both. First I've dusted them with spray paint and then given them some quickshade.

These have had a bit of extra detailing done, some blood effect and matt varnish. The matt varnish does a cool effect on the windows of the vehicles. The windows look dirty, but you can still see through them. It's a good effect, as it hides the inside that's not otherwise painted.


  1. Those came out really well, and fairly simple. My main issue with toy cars has always been the glossy sheen that is different than everything else on the table.

    1. A layer or two of matt varnish spray will do a lot to that. My police cars aint shiny at allanymore - though the photos cheat a bit (like it often does with the models as well).