2 March 2019

TNT: Slaver Warband - WIP

I've decided this year to play some This Is Not A Test. But this is Games Workshop country and in order to get the ball rolling - I'm doing all the warbands.

An old mate of mine is joining in and wanted to play slavers inspired by Fallout 2. Made them using the Peace Keeper list.

This is the starting warband I've created from bits in the bits box - that I recently sorted after just adding to it for years.

Hanging judge, quartermaster, officer, line breaker, k-9, k-9, sacrificial lamb and sacrificial lamb.

The metal dog is from Offensive Miniatures and the resin dogs (with augmetic legs) is from Brother Vinnis.

Leader is a hanging judge. Inspired by the slaver leader in Fallout 2, with a metal armor (combat armor rules). For some firepower he has a laser carbine.

GW empire armor body, adeptus mechanicus rifle, warlord ww2 pointing arm, mantic forge father shoulder pads and mantic gcps legs and head.

Slaver (officer). Mantic games gcps legs, pathfinder head, warlord games biker torso and arms, ww2 ammo pouch. Armed with a shotgun and bayonet in game.

Quartermaster. Warlord games modern military arms and legs. Torso is from anvil industries. The head is from an unknown oop sprue, from a game I can't remember the name of.

Leader carries some rope to tie up captured 'now you're a slave'.

And some cool models from Ramshackle Games I've wanted to use for a long time. The line breaker is armed with a light melee weapon, ballistic shield, pistol and net. For the sacrificial lambs I'm using crazed lunatics from Ramshackle as well.