23 March 2019

Veteran survivors - Carla, Robert Munz and Rothchildes

A really the the character progression in  Last Days: Zombie Apocalypse, getting new gear and skills. Luckily most of my models have been build from insanely cheap Warlord Games sprues (from the crazy 1£ sales). And I have a few copies of each sprue.

So just for the fun of it, I've build experienced up armed versions of some of my character on the Every Day Heroes team I play.

First up is Carla (that I build a long time ago, but can't find on the blog). Carla is a nurse, who started the game armed with a pistol and knife.

But after a few games she's now armed with a shotgun and an SMG. Also she's gained the scavenger skill, so she definitely needed a cooler model.

I used the same head and backpack, also gave her the same colored t-shirt to tie the models together. 

After a few games I got the option of buying a new model for the team. Enter the scene Robert 'Bobby' Munz. A survivalist with German grandparents.  Got Bobby on the team with a high powered rifle, made even more powerful from his Gunsmith skill.

But from the extra noise and constant running out of ammo was annoying. Luckily he found a hunting bow after his first game. So I modeled a new miniature for him right away.

This guy is made from Warlord Games winter Russians and an American soldier head. The backpack in Anvil Industries and the bow is from the female survivor sprue from Warlord Games.

... Both of these models will also see action in some games of This Is Not A Test.

I also kitbashed a new Father Rothchildes for my regular opponent. The original model is made from a Studiio Miniatures plastic zombie and I have a gazillion of those. So I build the same model, with some new gear. Part of Bai Wu's everyday heroes.

And here's the original.

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